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DataArt, a technology consulting firm that creates end-to-end solutions, exhibited new applications in augmented reality, neural networks and wearable devices at the Wearable Technology Show in London, March 10-11, 2015.

DataArt presented the following solutions:

  • MedAR – an augmented reality application for iPhone and iPad that efficiently recognizes medications and instantly provides a user with relevant information about the medication, including drug facts, uses, directions, links to videos and the manufacturer’s website, and more.
  • Keyshare – an application developed for Keyshare, a revolutionary new mobile e-commerce disruptor that offers a unique Augmented Reality Locator (ARL) key technology and a mobile e-commerce platform. Keyshare replaces the QR code, and provides its advertising partners with dynamic keys to a virtual customer portal for direct customer feedback, augmented reality and multimedia content.
  • Fatigue Checker – a smartwatch application developed for the Motorola Moto 360 that helps users check how tired they are based on a quick and simple test. It has two modules and two sets of tests, which focus on user attention and accuracy of speech to provide instant feedback.
  • Betting Prototype – an Apple Watch and Android Wear application that allows sports betting operators to offer bettors instant access to fixture, live and results data as well as personalized quick betting options.

“As wearables gain traction with consumers, it becomes imperative for companies to shift focus and provide information, services and entertainment in this new, exciting, but spatially limited channel,” said Roman Chernyshev, Vice President of Engineering at DataArt, who’ll be present at the show. “To be successful, companies must have dedicated resources who understand the challenges of developing initiatives for dozens of screen sizes with various capabilities, which is why we’re showing such a variety of applications.”

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