ResearchKit for Developers

The heading on Apple’s ResearchKit page says, ‘Nothing is more important than our health’. With that motto in mind, a new framework was created. The iPhone has now got a new feature, it can be used as a medical research device to help doctors and patients. The ResearchKit framework will be officially available in April and Apple has already published 5 applications (for the U.S. only) supporting it.
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DataArt Orange to integrate its food recognition engine with Apple HealthKit and Voice Recognition

Eat’n’Click is an application developed by DataArt that helps people track the nutritional content of foods they consume. The app automatically tracks calorie information by scanning photographs of food.

Its prototype is available on the App Store and can recognize a number of fruits with more than an 85% success rate. Recently the application was demonstrated by the DataArt team during the Health 2.0 Europe 2014 event in London and was highly appreciated by its participants.

Following industry trends and the high attention Apple HealthKit is receiving, DataArt’s Research Lab decided to move forward by automating the tracking of users’ nutrition habits. DataArt is planning to build a PoC prototype to integrate with Apple HealthKit. Also, we plan to implement a voice recognition engine with it. The aim of DataArt’s Orange R&D initiative is to reduce the gap between humanity and computers. And we strongly believe that this step will be highly effective.

FoodR Slim to be integrated with Apple HealthKit and Voice Recognition
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How To: Integrate Your Heart Rate App with HealthKit API

At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month Apple introduced an app simply called “Health”that promises to become an all-embracing hub for healthcare and fitness applications and wearable devices. It will allow you to store all of your health data and vital signs in one place including your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep patterns, consumed and burnt calories and more. It will also give you control over all of your health apps through one interface. The news inspired our team to integrate our health apps with the HealthKit API to help bring the world one step closer to integrated health data. We started with our Heartbeat Rate application that processes the video stream from your iPhone/ iPod camera to measure heart rate. It analyzes the bluecomponent in the video stream providing reliable results, thus no physical contact is required. (Read more about Heartbeat Rate application.) Here is the recap of how our Heartbeat rate app was integrated with HealthKit API.
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DataArt Orange integrates with Apple HealthKit

Apple HealthKit announcement two days ago was exciting news for all mHealth community and millions of fitness apps users throughout the world. DataArt R&D team recognizes the potential of iOS 8 and all fitness data integration. We already started looking into HealthKit API to integrate our R&D projects with the new hub and ultimately to help establish wearable technology interoperability and health and fitness data interchange.
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