Getting started with packages in DC/OS

Why would one create a package?

Once you get familiar with DC/OS, the open source project that was created by Mesosphere you get access to packages certified by Mesosphere. There are several ways to deploy your service into DC/OS: (1) use dcos marathon command in CLI; (2) use Marathon REST API directly; (3) deploy your service as a package. Using package approach makes your solution consistent with the environment and gives other benefits. Please refer to documentation regarding developing your custom services and packages The aim of this post is to show how to create your own simple package and start using it in your DC/OS managed cluster.
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On-demand Interactive Data Science with DC/OS

Traffic accidents in the UK, 1979-2004.

Whether you are a journalist, a researcher or a data geek, in order to start working with large data sets, you have to complete laborious tasks of setting-up an infrastructure, configuring an environment, learning new unfamiliar tools and coding complicated apps – with DC/OS you can start crunching those numbers within minutes.
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