Projects Keyshare

DataArt deploys image recognition technology and 3D visualization techniques to develop KeyShare’s Augmented Reality Locator (ARL) Key and Mobile e-Commerce Platform.

During the eighteen-month-long project, DataArt provided the technical strategy as well as expertise in user experience (UX), mobile interface (UI) and payment systems integration to help Keyshare develop a revolutionary mobile e-commerce solution. The platform enables merchants to develop and cultivate a successful online business by connecting to their customers at each stage of the purchasing decision. Keyshare’s ARL enables the merchant to connect the convenience of online services to any medium, including the printed press, television and email. Merchants just print their ARL Key wherever they advertise, to provide a virtual customer portal for direct customer feedback, augmented reality and multimedia content.

DataArt’s augmented reality and mobile development expertise enabled Keyshare to develop its ARL key and put the online customers back in control. In a notable leap forward from the QR code, which requires the buyer to open a separate account with each merchant, the Keyshare app works with all merchants so that the buyer maintains a single account, hosted on Keyshare’s cloud servers – and links directly into the buyer’s Paypal account.

The product went live in May 2014. DataArt continues to work with Keyshare providing technical updates and feature enhancements, including a development project to make the platform available on additional operating systems for 2015.

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