IoT Connected Home Platform

Projects IoT Connected Home Platform

The client is an integrated international energy company, providing home energy management and connected home services to consumers.

A cloud based IoT Connected Home Platform with an installation kit contains a set of connected devices and a hub, transmitting all the commands through the Internet. The system provides consumption monitoring and management for home heating, electricity, gas, and water.

The platform is integrated with lots of different devices including smart meters, smart boilers, smart plugs, motion sensors, smart thermostat, windows and door sensors, and many others.


  • Solution improved the user experience;
  • Implementing continuous delivery and the microservice approach made the platform more flexible;
  • The platform provides integration points for partners and the API for other applications;
  • The operational processes make it possible to update the solution without downtime;
  • Live monitoring and analysis make it easier to resolve issues, while maintenance tasks are easier.