Energy Consumption Prediction Model

Projects Energy Consumption Prediction Model

The client is a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems.

The client is working on an IoT prototype for a cloud-enabled boiler. DataArt developed a machine-learning algorithm for an energy-consumption prediction model based on the history of boiler usage coupled with a weather forecast. The solution demonstrated how industrial devices can be used as a part of an IoT ecosystem.


  • Apache Zeppelin was used for the visualization and a 3-node cluster for Spark and Cassandra;
  • The DataArt team reviewed and improved the existing cluster configuration for better performance, investigating and fixing issues with the Cassandra data schema, and developing Spark jobs for both parts of the prototype
  • The solution was written on top of an open source distributed computer framework, Apache Spark, using the Scala programming language to create a scalable architecture to handle large volumes of data for processing

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