Demand Response

Projects Demand Response

The demand response solution for a New York-based utility company that provides electric power to the city and operates one of the world’s largest district steam systems.

The solution monitors cloud-connected pole transformers and responds to peak loads in the grid by reducing the power to air conditioners. The application provides a touch-friendly web/mobile user interface to control the thermostat settings and temperature and respond to load increase messages from pole transformers.

The customer released the product into the market quite rapidly. This solution extends pole transformer lifetimes, as well as helps to retain existing clients and attract new customers.


  • To increase development speed and make the solution more modular, DataArt used DeviceHive - its open source IoT framework.
  • To control thermostats DataArt implemented a wireless ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol and added a DeviceHive Gateway component to the interface with the rest of the system
  • All thermostat commands and notifications became accessible through a Web UI; temperature and settings are controlled via a cloud API, implementing a Demand Response (DR) system to handle DR events translating them into appropriate ZigBee SE commands.

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