Cloud-Based Analytics & Reporting Solution

Projects Cloud-Based Analytics & Reporting Solution

GuestMetrics LLC delivers cloud-based analytics and reporting solutions to the food & beverage, hospitality, and financial services industries.

The existing solution was based on an obsolete diversified technology stack, which led to unjustified increases in operating costs and complex maintenance due to the variety of technologies used and lack of documentation.

The DataArt team transformed the system into a new, fast, cost-effective, and optimized technological solution capable of quickly processing transactions. The solution was migrated to AWS, thus eliminating the hardware dependency and minimizing maintenance costs.  Supplementary scalability was achieved using docker containerization.


  • The earlier, slow data processing system prevented the Client from developing their business and from providing their customers with data promptly.
  • The new and more effective data processing pipeline helped the Client achieve their business goals and successfully meet customer requirements.
  • DataArt performed in-depth research and provided full comprehensive documentation for each step and component of the transformed solution.

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