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The DataArt R&D initiative Orange publishes new projects on their site. DataArt’s expertise covers such fields as Human-Computer Interaction, IoTWearables and others. The full list can be found here.

So let’s get down to business:

  • MedAR – An augmented reality application for iPhone and iPad that efficiently recognizes medications and instantly provides a user with relevant information about the medication, including drug facts, uses, directions, links to videos and the manufacturer’s website, and more.
  • KidPro – When a child has to be engaged in a clinical trial, traditional ePRO (Elecrtonic Patient-Reported Outcome) systems are barely applicable, and seldom can be used without the external assistance of adults. KidPRO changes the rules of the game.
  • Predictive Maintenance – The solution is meant to work on a very simple principle: in the industrial world, lots of industrial equipment like pumps, actuators, fans and HVAC systems will start showing early signs of troubles by increasing the frequency or strength of vibrations. Now, equipment outage has to be avoided, so this system uses accelerometer-based sensors to create a vibration profile of the system, which can be captured by an on-premise gateway and analyzed in the Azure Cloud.
  • Languor (Tiredness Symptom Checker) – an AndroidWear app that helps to check the tiredness level of the user by analyzing voice input or the results of a simple pattern matching game.

Please visit our Projects page to learn more.

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