Expertise Knowledgebase Integration

We live in a world where information is all that matters. This realization has driven a number of services to pool together information from a variety of sources thus creating knowledgebases that allow them to replace web searches with dynamic computations.

Wolfram|Alpha is one such knowledgebase which curates data from over 10 trillion sources and provides query results in a user friendly way using grids, plots, images, and interactive CDF blocks. It is capable of processing queries both in natural language and through its API.

DataArt’s team has successfully integrated projects with the Wolfram|Alpha API, allowing queries to be sent and results received in next to no time. DataArt engineers know how to build queries for the Wolfram|Alpha API and handle the results correctly to increase speed, and to program a search function to filter unnecessary information from that which is important. Our connections with the Alpha team provide good technical support and reduce feedback delay.