Expertise IoT / M2M

The Internet of Things has groundbreaking ways to collect and analyze information, and we at DataArt realize how critical it is for clients to incorporate these technologies into their offerings. With five years of experience in IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) - the two concepts which are quickly becoming inextricably linked - and with the stack of cases and projects in our portfolio, our consultants and software engineers can help your business get into – or get more out of – the IoT.

What We Offer

IoT & M2M Solutions

  • Identification of potential areas of business that can benefit from IoT
  • Prototyping IoT solutions with our custom platform DeviceHive, its reference platforms and prototyping hardware
  • Full stack application development for IoT on top of existing M2M platforms in hardware, firmware, cloud back-end, big data and analytics, mobile and web front-end
  • Analysis of existing IoT/M2M solutions

The IoT and M2M Solutions

DataArt is ready to help clients new to the IoT and M2M space, and those, who had already made their first steps in the depth of it. Our business and technical knowledge covers solutions for a variety of application:

  • Healthcare
    Wearables connection to track patient health information any time and any place
  • Retail/chain/franchise
    Conduction of the remote diagnostics of restaurant and gas station equipment, off-the-shelf purchases, vending machines and many more
  • Utilities
    Smart Grid and demand-response equipment monitoring
  • Insurance
    Usage based products for automotive
  • Logistics
    Organization of the vehicle tracking and telemetry
  • Cities and Municipalities
    Development of the environmental sensor networks, smart parking, traffic management
  • Building Management
    Clean tech energy reduction systems
  • Hotel Property Management
    Development of "connected guest" strategies
  • Industrial Automation
    M2M sensors for better controls, reporting and operational efficiencies

We’ve helped clients like ThinkEco to customize and improve their existing IoT solutions without the exorbitant costs of building the framework and communication layers anew. Additional case studies and articles demonstrate how we can help you save time and money, and shift your focus to where it should be - on the end product.