Expertise Human-Computer Interaction

You don’t need a keyboard, a touchscreen, or any other input device to control your electronics. Gestures and voice commands are enough for your smart device to take its cue from you, granted you have the right software.

With this in mind, DataArt is looking into several areas to ease human-computer interaction:

  • Computer Vision (CV) applications and algorithms provide a set of tools for analyzing and extracting structured data from images and video streams. By identifying and analyzing moving images, CV allows a wide range of processes to be automated, from calculating car coordinates, to detecting tumors, to food recognition and face recognition. 
  • Voice-to-text (speech-to-text) engines transform spoken words into digital text finding application in mobile telephony, home automation, robotics, etc. A variety of solutions out there have different strengths as well as different downsides, and our experience is what helps us choose the best engine suitable for each case. 
  • Augmented Reality is a type of technology that captures the video stream from the device’s built-in camera and delivers the computer-rendered stream to the screen in real time. The output stream might have textual information, charts, animations, etc. overlaying the input stream. Augmented Reality is reaching into every sphere of life from sports telecasting, to gaming, to the medical industry.