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DataArt’s iOS Competence Center is about to update their iOS applications released to the App Store. The first application to be renovated is Football Clubs Recognizer.

The app will be redesigned according to the modern trends of mobile development. Among other changes to be implemented, the app’s engine will be able to recognize not only football clubs’ logos, but the text information as well. Currently the application compares the picture to a preset template and analyzes the similarities. This method gives good results, but it requires preset information to be stored. So the iOS Competence Center decides to take the next step and analyze the text information to widen the app’s abilities. Once the application receives the picture with a club’s logo, it will try to identify the club’s name according to the text in the picture even if it doesn’t have any examples of the logo stored in the database. As the result, the application will raise the rate successful recognition and will be able to identify logos of the same club in different styles.

Also, the Competence Center considers integrating the application with wearable devices to update users in real-time with information about sport events they wish to follow. Currently, the team is gathering data about devices that can be supported by iOS.

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