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DataArt Research Lab has released its application for football fans that visually identifies football clubs. Football Clubs Recognizer is available on the Apple App Store.

In preparation for the 2014 Football World Cup, DataArt Computer Vision experts developed the first version of an application that provides full information about football teams including their place in the standings, roster, list of recent and upcoming matches, information about players, etc. To get information regarding a certain team just point the phone camera at a team logo wherever it may be displayed. The application can successfully recognize logos from screens, newspapers, etc.

For the rapid implementation of the idea we decided to use a third-party library, Moodstock SDK. Moodstock coped with the task but had some severe restrictions. First of all the application worked poorly without an internet connection. Second, there were limitations on the amount of recognizable emblems.

To overcome the limitations it was decided to switch to Vuforia SDK. It is available for Android, iOS and as an Extension to Unity for free. This lib is more oriented on implementating augmented reality solutions. We used only a part of the functionality, that responsible for finding and tracking markers. In this case the marker is a team logo. Vuforia SDK have implemented two fundamentally different solutions for solving this problem – the generation of parameterized values ​​based on the teams logos and storing them in a local database, or using their cloud solution. Having tried both and not seeing a big difference, we decided to choose having a local database of logos.

For now the application contains only UK football clubs, but there are no fundamental restrictions on the addition of any other football teams. The tests showed that the application can easily recognize national team logos as well, so this functionality may be added in the future releases.

You can download the app and feel it awesomeness from the App Store.

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